Three-phase Measurement Relays CMS7000
Performs the measurement functions of the PROCOM system. These relays may be programmed to activate load shedding if current or power limits are exceeded.  They also feature event recording and may transmit information via MODBUS RTU, J-Bus or via two programmable 4-20mA analogue outputs.
Two models available for connecting different numbers of VTs: 

CMS7003: when two of the three phase-to-phase voltages are accessible. 
CMS7004: when the three phase to neutral voltages are accessible. 

ANSI function code: 11

Do you need transducers to convert electrical measurements (power, frequency etc) to voltage, current, MODBUS-TCP or MODBUS-RTU signals?  Consider the TRIAD2 range of panel-mounting transducers.

See the PROCOM series homepage for the full CMS7000 brochure.