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FAQs: Backing Up a Project
Backing up a project is fairly straightforward. If you want to send a copy of your project to somebody else, it is essential that the other person has a copy of all your library files as well as the project files. However, the standard PTW library is around 90MB long and could cause problems if emailing the project. 
Using PTW's backup command (Project>>Backup...) will create a copy of your project in another directory and also create a new library (MyProjBackUp.lib for example) that only contains the library models used in the project itself. Elements from the standard library which have not been used in that specific project will not be included. 
It is then a simple case of compressing all the files in the project directory (C:\\PTW32\Projects\MyProjBackUp for example) and emailing them to your colleague. To reduce the size of the compressed file even further, any .RPT or FORT.3 files are not needed by PTW to run the project, so you may remove them from the compressed file. 
Alternatively, PTW's copy command (Project>>Copy As...) will create a copy of the project, but not create any new libraries.  This approach is useful if your company uses a standard library of components common to all projects and therefore anybody could open the project using the standard library.