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FAQs: Cable Size is not available in Component Editor
Sometimes, (usually after installing a new version of PTW), you might find that the cable size is not displayed in the Component Editor and the available sizes are not listed in the drop-down box. All studies will run OK, because the existing impedance data is still stored in the project. 
The reason for this is because PTW is linking to a library file that does not contain the cables that the project is referring to. This can have happened for one of two reasons: 
  1. You have added new cables to the standard PTW library, and the new version has installed a new library file. Obviously, this new library file won't have your own devices in it. Fortunately, PTW will have created a back-up of the file that it overwrote. The back-up of the old library file must therefore be copied into the library directory. These are copied in the same way as format files are copied. 
  2. The project was created in an old version of PTW, and the .CBL file hasn't been imported into the .LIB file. In this case, contact us for the V3.x libraries import program.