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FAQs: "Datablock Format Not Valid" Error
This error message normally appears after having installed a new version of PTW, or when a project has been e-mailed to somebody else. 
It appears because when an SLD or a TCC is opened, PTW tries to display a datablock. If PTW can't find that datablock, then it gives the "Datablock Format Not Installed" or "Datablock Format Not Valid" error. 
If you have just installed a new version, then you will need to copy your existing format files so that PTW can find the default datablock. 
If you have emailed the project to somebody else, then make sure that it's been created using PTW's Backup command. 
If you don't have copies of the old format files, then you will need to set up PTW to use one of the datablocks available from the default installation of PTW. This can be done by clicking on Run>>Datablock Format, selecting one of the datablocks in the list, clicking on Set as Default, and then clicking on close
If this fails to work you might need to repeat the process in TCCs, SLDs, and the Component Editor (click on Apply instead of Set as Default).