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FAQs: Installing Power*Tools for Windows (PTW)
Installing PTW is simple and trouble free. If you're using a Windows NT based operating system (Windows 7/8/10, NT, 2000, XP, or Vista), make sure that you're logged on with full administrative rights. This isn't needed with Windows 95 based operating systems (95, 98, 98SE, or ME). 

Please note: Version V8.0 of PTW is only available via download and will not be issued on a CD-ROM.  Click here for a link to download the full program.  
Installing the full version of PTW 
If you've bought a full copy of PTW or PTW-Light, download the full version of PTW and run the Setup file.  When the blue menu screen appears, select "Install Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) Software", and then follow the on-screen prompts. 
If you have problems running PTW, then make sure that the hardware key is connected firmly to the parallel port (or USB port if it's a USB key). If PTW fails to run then please read Problems Reading Hardware or Software Key. 
Installing the 30-day trial 
Contact us if you would like to install a free 30-day trial version of PTW.  We will send you a link to download the trial version, which uses a software rather than a hardware key.

See also this article about problems which may occur when installing the free trial.
Installing on a network 
There are two options for using a network-based hardware key (Red dongle).  The first option is to install PTW on each user's machine individually, in which case the installation procedure is as above, but with additional steps to allow PTW to recognise the network key.  
The second option is to install PTW on a server and link to that program from individual workstations.  In this case, the installation procedure is different.  Click here to find out more about installing PTW on a network.