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FAQs: Installing PTW on a Network
The following procedures are based on the latest version of PTW, operating the new style of network hardware key (see the image on the right).  For installation procedures using the old-style network hardware keys, click the link below to download instructions in PDF format.
Old and New network keys
PDF, 1.0MB
Do you want to use a red network hardware key on your computer as if it was a local (green) hardware key?  Click here to find out how.
PTW may be installed on a network in one of two ways: 
  • Local  installation with shared key: Install PTW on each individual computer and use the network for sharing the network hardware key only. This method will operate PTW at its peak performance, since processing of all complex calculations is performed on the local machine.  
  • Network-only installation: Install PTW on a shared server and access it on individual computers via a shortcut.  The advantage of this method is that PTW only needs to be installed and updated on the server, not on each local machine.  Some files will still need to be installed on local machines in order for the program to work; these are the Advanced Features comprising special reporting founts, Crystal Reports, SKMPDF and others.
Note: both methods require individual computers to be connected to the network whilst running PTW, since the network hardware key is needed to operate PTW.

Local Installation Method: The process for installing PTW on individual computers is the same as the process for installing PTW for a local hardware key.  However, additional steps are required to make the network hardware key "visible" to PTW.  Refer to the PTW network server section, below. 

Network-only Installation Method:  Firstly install the Advanced Features of PTW on the local computer by downloading the full version of PTW and running the setup file (click here for a link to the download site).  Note that you must have administrative rights on this computer.  When the blue menu screen apprears, select "Install Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) Software".  The next screen brings up a list of installation options; uncheck all options except "Advanced Features".  Follow on-screen prompts to continue the installation.  
The full PTW program must be installed on the shared computer or server which is being used to run PTW on behalf of the network.  This installation process is the same as for installing PTW for a local hardware key.  As with the local installation method, some additional steps are required to make the network hardware key "visible".  Refer to the PTW network server section, below.

PTW Network Server Setup:
Procedures for network installations using the latest style of network hardware key.  For instructions on how to install the old version of the network hardware key, see the downloadable file at the top of this page

Sharing a PTW network hardware key is a two-step process:

Step 1: On the server itself:

This step requires administrative rights on the server; it may be necessary to contact your IT specialist or network administrator, especially if the server is in a remote location.

Log in to the server and download the "HASPUserSetup.exe" file from the SKM download site. Run this file once it has downloaded, then attach the red network hardware key to a spare port on the server.  Note the IP address of the computer that the network hardware key is connected to, as it will be important in step 2.
The server will now broadcast the network hardware key to other computers on the network. 

Step 2: On the computer(s) running PTW:

For the network-only installation method, this step applies only to the computer or server which is running PTW, not to the computers which link to it via a shortcut.  For the local installation method, this step must be followed for every computer running PTW on the network. 

Locate the "Lib" folder in the PTW installation directory.  By default this is C:\PTW32\Lib.  Search for the file named "nethaspip_.ini" and re-name it "nethaspip.ini".  Open the file using a text editor (Microsoft notepad or similar) and in the first line, type "IP, ***.***.**.**" (replace the asterisks with the IP address  obtained in step 1, above).  Save the file.

When opening PTW for the first time, there should be a prompt which will allow you to select Network Hardware Key.