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FAQs: Problems Saving SLDs using Windows 2000
Users have reported problems saving changes to Single-Line Drawings (SLDs) when using Windows 2000 and the project files are stored on a network drive. It occurs when the server's default permissions are set read-only, even if the directory's permissions are set to read-write. This is a bug with Microsoft's CARCHIVE function in Windows 2000, and not a problem with PTW. 
As far as we are aware (2005-04-22), Microsoft hasn't fixed the CARCHIVE function yet, but there are various ways to work around this problem: 
  1. Save the modified SLD under a different name using "Document>>Save As". 
  2. Give users "Full Control" as well as "Read" and "Write" access to the LAN directory. 
  3. Set the server's default permissions to "read-write". 
  4. Save the project files onto the PC's hard-disk. 
If you need any more information about this problem, then please contact us.