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FAQs: Installing a Software Key
When we supply new copies of PTW, we normally supply them with hardware keys to enable the software. However, we might sometimes provide a temporary software key to give quick access to the software. 
Simply install PTW in the usual way. Software key drivers will need to be installed on PCs running a Windows NT based operating system (NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10). Note: separate software key drivers are not required to run the trial version of PTW. 
Then run the software key program (Start>>Programs>>Power*Tools for Windows>>KeyUtil). Select CrypKey Software Key and then click on "Go to Key Program". Select "Enable, disable or transfer software key" and then click on "OK". A dialogue box will then be displayed with the Site Code highlighted. Simply copy and paste this site code into an e-mail and send it to us. The KeyUtility program can then be exited. 
We will then provide a Site Key, which must be entered into the Site Key input box by running the KeyUtility program again. 
If "Hardware Key" had previously been selected, then it will be necessary to change from using a hardware key to a software key (click here for details). 
Note 1: If you get an error saying "Network Driver Does Not Appear to be serving this directory", then it is most likely to be because you have not installed the software key drivers. 
Note 2: Installing software key drivers requires administrative rights (Windows NT based OS only), but running the "Enable, disable or transfer software key" program does not. 
Note 3: Make sure that you're logged in as the same user when you enter the Site Key, as you were when you generated the Site Code.