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FAQs: How to update PTW Hardware Keys (add Modules etc.)
The following procedures are used for upgrading your version of PTW, adding extra modules or changing the maximum number of buses PTW can model.  For network keys, this is also a method of adding extra user licenses to PTW. 

Before updating your PTW hardware key, you will need to install the latest version of the License Manager (HASP); click here for advice on how to achieve this. Note that the License Manager should be installed on the computer or server which is connected to the hardware key (for Network keys).  The License Manager can only be run directly on the server or shared computer; remote access will not work. 

To access the License Manager, In V6.5 (or later), simply click on Start>>All Programs>>Power Tools for Windows v6.5 and select "Key - Local Hardware" or "Key - Network Hardware" depending on whether you're programming a stand-alone key (white or green) or a LAN key (red).

The License Manager program should bring up a screen which looks similar to the one below (in this case, the example is for a standalone single-user hardware key):
To update your hardware key automatically, simply click the "Update from SKM Server" button (highlighted in red). 

Any extra modules you have purchased will be added to your license key automatically.

This process is also used to make your hardware key ready to use with the latest version of PTW; the key will however continue to work with any older versions of PTW that you have installed in addition to the latest download. 
Problems Updating Keys Automatically
Some users have experienced problems using the automatic update procedure.  If this happens, there is a manual procedure.

For new-style USB hardware keys, the License Manager program will look similar to the screenshot above.  If this is the case, click the button labelled "Check Out C2V"; this will generate a text file that you should save in a memorable place.  Send the file to us, with an explanation of your problem and we will use this information to generate a "V2C" file that will update your hardware key. 

For older hardware keys, instead of the "Check Out C2V" button, there will be a series of boxes at the bottom of the screen requesting Enable Codes (see screenshot, below):
In this case, you need to contact us so that we can provide you with a set of enable codes (usually in the form of a screen dump). Please enter the enable codes and tick the boxes required to add the modules that are to be added. If reprogramming a red LAN key, make sure that the numbers of users are also correct. 
Make sure that everything (including the key's revision number and serial number) matches the screen dump exactly. 
Click on "Update".