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FAQs: What has changed in V6.0?
Note: This FAQ is a legacy from older updates to PTW.  For the very latest version of PTW, click here

Users of PTW version V6.0 will notice a lot of changes since the previous releases of PTW.  These are summarised below:
  • UNDO feature with unlimited steps in one-line diagrams. 
  • Ability to automatically generate the associated one-line diagram for the TCC drawing by using the "Go to TCC" feature. 
  • Display associated one-line diagrams within TCC window as a new tab with dynamic datablocks based on the most recent study results including: Arc Flash incident energy, boundary, PPE, etc. 
  • New Crystal Reports contain industry accepted formats for protective device settings. 
  • Ability to plot multiple protection functions of a single device on a TCC drawing. 
  • New option in "TCC Settings" > "Fault Current" tab to select a Reference Device and use its fault current as the reference for shifting and coordination of the TCCs based on the ratio of the fault current through each device and the referenced device. 
  • New Template Library stores typical designs of sub-systems with the one-line layout and component data. Companies may create templates and set internal design standard to be used as the building blocks for all projects. 
  • Contains more than 4,000 new protective device data entries for the Captor Protective Device Library. 
  • New VAR Compensation Components: Static VAR Compensator (SVC), Dynamic VAR Compensator (DVC) and Power Factor Correction Equipment (PFC). 
  • New Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Component. 
  • Added several new Transformer sub-type components: Standard Shell, Standard Core, Auto-Transformer Shell, Auto-Transformer Core and Zig-Zag Transformer. 
  • Generator and synchronous motor fault contribution decay is now represented in the calculation of Arc Flash incident energy. 
  • Automatically display the Arcing Fault Current flag associated with the worse case incident energy on TCC drawings. 
  • Option to combine the "Bus and Line Side" results in Arc Flash Reports and Labels. 
  • Option in Arc Flash for status of breakers: Open (racked out) or Closed (stuck/ failed to open) at the time of arcing fault. 
  • Print Preview Option for Custom Arc Flash Labels. Multiple labels printing capability can save time and money. 
  • Expansion of user-defined fields in Arc Flash PPE Table and Custom Labels. 
  • New Cable Sizing study program based on IEE Wiring Regulations. 
  • Display the Maximum or Minimum value from all Scenarios in the Data Visualizer. 
  • Includes more global user-defined fields to be automatically used in Print Forms. 
  • DC Systems Analysis module contains new NiCAD Battery type and Battery Sizing based on IEEE 1115-2000 standard. 
  • I*SIM contains new Double Fed Induction Generator model. Also includes Wind Generator controller and SVC user-defined graphical models.