Overcurrent Protection RMS7992
The RMS7992 protects three-phase electrical networks against any kind of short-circuit between phases or between phase and earth. 
Protects all types of electrical power equipment, generally feeders and transformers. 
Operates on a principle of signal sampling and calculates the harmonic spectrum of input currents up to seventh harmonic (Fast Fourier Transform, FFT).  
The RMS7992 is similar to the RMS791 (see the RMS/TMS700 brochure), but has output contacts with much higher current ratings, allowing them to operate trip coils directly.

ANSI functions: 50 / 50N / 51 / 51N

Do you need a relay with a thermal image as well?  Consider the RMST7992.

These relays are part of the PROCOM range, offering multi-function protection and communication via Modbus (RS485).  A full brochure is available on the PROCOM range page