Overcurrent and Thermal relay RMST7992
RMS7992 series protects three-phase electrical networks against any kind of short-circuit between phases or between phase and earth. 
Protects all types of electrical power equipment, generally feeders and transformers. 
Operates on a principle of signal sampling and calculates the harmonic spectrum of input currents up to seventh harmonic (Fast Fourier Transform, FFT).  
The RMST7992 adds a thermal image element to the standard RMS7992 product.  This provides an alarm contact for potential overheating of transformers or feeders but does not measure temperature directly.  

ANSI functions: 50 / 50N / 51 / 51N / 49

See the PROCOM series homepage for the full brochure. This product is included in the general RMS7992 brochure.