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FAQs: Changing Symbols used in Single-Line Drawings (SLDs)
To change the symbol used for an individual component, simply select the component (or components) on the SLD, then click on the menu option One-Line>>Symbol Selection. A dialogue box appears with a list of all the different types of components that were selected on the SLD. Simply select a symbol for each type of component and then click on OK. For example, a relay symbol can be changed to show a CBCT instead of a 3-phase CT or to show the 50/51 ANSI code. 
To change the default symbol that appears when a new component is added to an SLD, click on the menu option Project>>Options>>One-Line and then click on the "Default IEC Symbol Assignment..." button (or "Default ANSI Symbol Assignment..." if ANSI standard is selected). 
In V4.5 and later, the transformer icon is intelligent in that it automatically shows the winding and earthing configuration of transformers. 
Creating your own symbols is easy by using the Symbol Generator (Start>>Programs>>Power*Tools for Windows>>Symbol Generator). There are two important points to remember when using the symbol generator: 
  • Make sure that you have closed down PTW before running the Symbol Generator. 
  • Make sure that you are modifying the correct symbols.ugs file. The file that PTW uses to generate the SLDs is stored in the miscellaneous files directory (Project>>Options>>Miscellaneous Files). 
Once all changes have been made, open up PTW. To make sure that PTW is using the new symbols, click on One Line>>Refresh Symbols from Library.