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FAQs: Colouring Components
PTW automatically colours de-energised components on the single-line drawings (SLDs). De-energised components are either those components that are not connected to a source of power or those components that are connected to a source of power, but through an out-of-service component. 
This feature can be turned off (menu option Projects>>Options>>One-Line>>Current Project Settings and then un-tick the "Displays energised state" option) or the colour can be changed (menu option Projects>>Options>>One-Line>>Current Project Colors). 
PTW also automatically colours out-of-service components and selected components. The Equipment Evaluation module will also automatically colour those components that have failed the Equipment Evaluation study. The colours assigned to these different component statuses can also be changed in the same way. 
The colours of all components can also be changed manually (menu option One-Line>>Component Colour).