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FAQs: 30-day Trial Error
When trying to install the demo version of PTW, you may encounter an error "The demonstration version of Power*Tools for Windows can not be authorized for 30 day trial due to a previous installation of the demonstration program". 
This can occur for one of three reasons: 
  1. The demonstration program has already been installed and the full working version has subsequently been installed on the same PC. Please contact us for more information. 
  2. The 30-day trial period has expired. Reinstalling the demo version will not give another 30-day trial. Please contact us to re-enable the software. 
  3. An attempt was made to install the demo version without "Full Administrative Rights" on the computer. Please contact us for a temporary software key.
The trial version of PTW is not publicly available; please contact us for a link to download the program. Do not attempt to download trials of PTW from third-party web sites; these may not be genuine.