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Protection Relays
Relay Test Equipment
Analysis Software
Arc Detectors
CTs and VTs

Protection Relays

We manufacture, supply and support a full range of protection relays. From a multi-function generator protection relay to a simple auxiliary relay, we can supply all your protection requirements.

Relay Test Equipment

Whether you need a fully automatic secondary injection test-set, a manual secondary injection test-set or a primary injection test-set, then we will have a model to meet your requirements.

Power System Analysis Software

The Power Tools for Windows (PTW) suite of Power Systems Analysis software offers you everything from a software module to help you undertake a Protection Co-ordination study to a module to help you undertake a full Dynamic System study.

Arc Detectors

When an arc forms in a switchgear compartment, the results can be catastrophic and isolating the fault as quickly as possible is essential. Using light sensors inside the switchgear, the UTU Arc Detection System sends a trip signal to the appropriate circuit breakers within around 1ms.

Current and Voltage Transformers

We supply a full range of CTs and VTs. Our range covers all voltages and we can supply transformers suitable for either protection or measuring.

Programmable Transducers

Instead of using a number of different transducers at each location (for example, using three transducers, one for current, one for voltage and one for power) our range of transducers can be simply programmed on-site (using a laptop PC and an infra-red link) to your own requirements. One transducer has up to three user-defined outputs.

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