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FAQs: Error 7001
Error 7001 means that the library (selected using Project>>Options>>Library) is not compatible with the project database. The most likely reason for that is that the library has been opened in a later version of PTW and has therefore been converted into a later format. 
The easiest ways to solve this is to revert to using a back-up copy of the library or update the project to run under the same version of PTW as the library.

Please note: projects and library files which were created in an older version of PTW will always be converted automatically when opened in a newer version of PTW (a warning message may be displayed when opening the file).  Once converted, the files cannot be opened in older versions of PTW.  If for any reason you wish to keep you project and libraries in an older format, make sure you open your project using that version of PTW.  Also, make regular backups of your projects and libraries.  Click here for instructions on how to create backup files.