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FAQs: Changing Between Local (Green or White) and Network (Red) Keys
If you are an existing user with a local hardware key (either coloured Green or White), you may decide that your business would benefit from a network-based license which can be shared amongst multiple users.  For regular users of PTW, it may be impractical to have a period without access to PTW after purchasing the upgrade to a network license.  In this case, contact CEE Relays and request a temporary network key.  You may continue to use your local hardware key until you are ready to upgrade; once the transition is made to the new network key you can forward your old local hardware key to CEE Relays and you will then be able to fully activate your new network license.

The upgrade process is outlined below.
How to switch to a network license
The procedure for installing PTW on a network is outlined here.  The new network hardware key will be installed on a shared computer or a server and therefore it will no longer be connected to the local workstation.  

For users who have previously run PTW with a local key there is no need to uninstall or reinstall PTW itself. This assumes the "Local Installation Method" of running PTW on a network.  Click here for details. There are a few steps required to allow your PTW program to recognise the new hardware key on the network; these are explained here

If you encounter a problem starting PTW and the program is still searching for a local hardware key, it may be necessary to force PTW to search for a network key.  This is not normally an issue for new users, since PTW allows you to select whether to use a local or network key the first time it is run.  To force PTW to search for a network key:
  1. Uninstall the HASP License manager program on the local machine. This will no longer be necessary, since the shared computer or server will be running the License manager on behalf of all PTW users on the network.
  2. Delete the old PTW registry key on the local machine (click here to find out how). 
  3. Re-start PTW and, when prompted, select "Network Key".