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FAQs: Updating PTW License Manager
The following procedures are to update the PTW License Manager program (HASP), rather than updating the license itself.  For advice on adding modules to your PTW license, click here.  Alternatively, if you are changing from a standalone (green or white) hardware key to a network (red) hardware key, click here

Update procedure:

1. Update the drivers for your hardware key.  If you are using the very latest style of USB hardware key, no drivers are required and this step can be ignored.  See the image below to identify what type of key you have. 
(Left): Old and new USB hardware keys.  The examples shown are the network-type key; the standalone single-user keys are the same shapes but are coloured green.
The driver files for the older hardware keys can be obtained here.  Click the link titled "HASPUserSetup.exe" to begin downloading.  Run the file once downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. 

2. (Required for all styles of network key).  Download and install the latest License Manager program.  The necessary files can be downloaded here. Click the link titled "Complete PTW Network Files" to commence download.  This will download a single executable program called "SKM_Network_Files.exe"; run it once the download has completed and follow the on-screen instructions. 

3. Re-start License Manager. 

If you are experiencing difficulties with these procedures, please contact us