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FAQs: Recover a Corrupted Project
Occasionally, a project can become corrupted. There are four possible ways of recovering a corrupted project.  Use the links below to see details of each method: 
  1. (All versions) Activate extended validation while opening the project.
  2. (Version V8.0 onwards) Open the project before attempting recovery.
  3. (All versions) Use the Database Utilities tool.  This is useful for recovering corrupted Library (.lib) files as well as corrupted projects. 
  4. (All versions) Merge corrupted project with a new one.
Make sure that you back-up all your work before carrying out any of these steps.  
If none of these solutions works, then please contact us.
Method 1:
Hold down the SHIFT and CTRL keys while opening the project. For example, you would normally open a project by clicking on the project in the recently opened projects list (see first image, below). Simply hold down the SHIFT and CTRL keys, click on the project, and wait for a dialogue box to appear stating "Ready to Validate Project".  Then release the SHIFT and CTRL keys and click "OK" on this new dialogue box (see second image, below). PTW will perform an extended validation on the project database. 
(Left):  recently opened projects list is available in the Project menu at the top of your screen.  
(Right): This dialogue box will appear when method 1 is used to attempt project validation.  
Do not release SHIFT and CTRL until this box has appeared.
Method 2:
Unlike older versions of PTW, the project can now be opened before attempting recovery.  Once the project is open, select the menu option Project>>Validation (See image, below).  PTW will perform an extended validation on the project database. 
Method 3:
The Database Utility can be opened from PTW. With no project open, run the Project>>Database Utilities command (see screenshot, right). 
The Database Utility dialogue box will appear (see screenshot, left). First, use the field marked "Enter the Project or Library Path Name" to enter the name and location of the project or library file you wish to recover.  Alternatively, use the "Browse" button to find the file in your file system.  Next, check the "Recover" box and click on "OK". 
Method 4:
Using this method, we create a new project, and then merge the corrupted project into the new project.  The first step is to create the new project using the Project>>New... command (see screenshot, right).

Give the project a memorable name and save it in a directory you will recognise. Do not attempt to over-write the original project which you are trying to recover!  Therefore the name of the new project will need to be different to the old one. 
Once the new project is created and saved you are ready to merge it with the old one.  Do not attempt to open the old project; just keep the new one open. 

Use the Project>>Merge... menu option (see screenshot, left). 
The Merge PTW dialogue box will appear (see screenshot, below).  Use the field marked "Merge From" to enter the name and location of the old, corrupted project you want to merge.  Alternatively, use the "Browse" button to find the old project in your file system.  Click "Merge" and the data from the old project will be imported into the new one.